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White Houses Subdivision

White Houses Subdivision by kevynjacobs
White Houses Subdivision, a photo by kevynjacobs on Flickr.

I don't "house farm" as a rule in my Springfield on Simpsons Tapped Out, but I have built a subdivision that consists entirely of white houses in rows. Every one has access to the street, and the white houses work nicely as row housing, fitting right up against each other with a convenient wall between each unit.
I choose to use white houses because they pay out every 12 hours, so I know I can log on twice a day to get a substantial harvest.

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Chairs I Have Destroyed

2013.07.15 - Hercules 500# folding chair

2013.07.15 - Hercules 500# folding chair2013.07.15 - Hercules 500# folding chair
Chairs I Have Destroyed, a set on Flickr.

Chairs are the bane of my existence. I destroy them all the time, due to my immense size and weight (2m/6'7" tall, 175 kg/385#). It happens often enough that I can actually create a regular feature on the phenomenon.
2013.07.15 - Here's the 500# Hercules folding chair that collapsed under my weight yesterday, after 5 days of continuous use. (Next to the broken chair in the picture is the 2nd Hercules chair I purchased at the same time, still intact.)
The support bar just gave out and bent 90 degrees. After 5 days of use.
My weight at the time of the collapse was 385#.